Traffic routes

Tîrgu Neamț city has a train station since 1986 and it is linked to a major railway junction, respectively Paşcani. This tap line connects with Bucharest, Suceava and the country’s northern border with Ukraine.

Also, at a distance of about 45 km, there is the train station of Piatra Neamț, which offers the following services: booking office / information services in national and international traffic – tel. 0734.737.486; waiting room; Railway Transport Police Station, food / newspapers / magazines kiosks; mail office; fast food / restaurant; bar / café; bus station just outside the train station; water clossets; POS.

Tîrgu Neamț city is located in the notheastern part of Neamț County, at an intersection of national, county and communal roads, as follows:

DN 15B (Poiana Teiului – Tîrgu Neamț – Timișești – Cristești, Iași) – linking cities Roman, Pașcani, Iași – to Transilvania;

DN 15 C Piatra Neamț – Tîrgu Neamț – Vadul Moldovei – to Suceava;

DJ 155 I Tîrgu Neamț – Tupilați;

DC 7 Tîrgu Neamț – Răucești – Ungheni;

DC 171 Tîrgu Neamț – Oglinzi – Răucești.

Tîrgu Neamț city is at a distance of 45 km from Piatra Neamț, 120 km from Iaşi and 60 km from Suceava.

The nearest airport is in Suceava (Salcea town), located at 65 km from Tîrgu Neamt. There are regular flights from there to Bucharest and Timişoara. Nearby there is also the Iaşi International Airport (110 km – regular flights to Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Constanța and Timişoara) and the Bacău International Airport (111 km – regular flights to Bologna, Milan, Rome, Turin, Bucharest and Timişoara).

International Airport “Stefan cel Mare”
Address: Salcea City, Suceava County
Phone: +4 0230.529.999 / 62; +4 0727.712.988; +4 0744.679.799
Fax: +4 0230.529.999

International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau
Address: Airport Str, no. 1
Phone: +4 0234.575.400
Fax: +4 0234.575.366

Iasi International Airport
Address: Str. Moara de Vânt, no. 34
Phone: +4 0232.271.590; +4 0733.261.111; +4 0743.261.111
Fax: +4 0232.271.570
E-mail: iasi@aeroport