The Vovidenia Monastery



During the 15th-16th centuries, the monastery was a dwelling for the hermits. The hermits retired from the big monastery in order to have more introspection for the prayer of the heart. For this reason, the Vovidenia Monastery was named “The Sanctuary from the Glade of Peace”. At the end of the 17th century, the family of Gosan built a church under the patronage of “Saint Spiridon” and in 1749, the bishop Ioanichie of the city of Roman built another church made of wood under the patronage of Vovidenia “The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary”.

21 november

21 noiembrie

The church was consecrated on 21st November of the same year. The new church had books, garbs, ritualistic objects, lands and houses. In 1849, the construction of the new church began, with neoclassical, bright façades, five towers. The workings were finished in 1857.

The church has undergone several repairings over the years and between 1868-1869, it was painted in tempera by the painter Constantin Călinescu. The iconostasis is taken from the old church, being painted by one of the monastery’s monks and the interior painting is outstanding due to the variety of scenes inspired by the Romanian monastic life.



Address: Village Mănăstirea Neamț, County Neamț
Phone: +4 0233.251.874

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