Cultural events

The “Ion Creangă” Days

The event is held over several days (December 11 to 13) and the official opening takes place each year at the museum in Humuleşti in the presence of city authorities, special guests and an audience usually formed of students and other people in the city. Given the fact that it takes place in the month of presents, the “Ion Creangă” Days also mark the official beginning of the winter holidays for the people of Tîrgu Neamț.

Since the events are held in honor of storyteller Creanga, the artistic program arranged by students cannot exclude interpretations of scenes from “Childhood Memories “, such as “Picking cherries”, “The Hoopoo in the Linden Tree”, “Bathing” or from stories like “The Eldmother with Three Daughters-in-law”, “Human foolishness” or “Story of a lazy man”. At the end of the program at the museum, the seniors perform old Christmas carols from the Humuleşti area.

The event also includes exhibits of paintings and drawings made by children or adults on themes taken from the writer’s work. Sometimes they are the subject of competitions on specific topics, where children are rewarded with books or other awards.

The Festival of New Year’s Customs and Traditions

It takes place every year on January 2 and aims at preserving traditions and customs specific to the New Year’s celebrations from Tîrgu Neamt city and the surrounding area, and attracting young people towards learning and continuing these traditions. Thus, each edition, the streets are full of groups of traditionally masked men – to the delight of spectators – evoking traditions from ancient times in the New Year’s period. This event is attended not only by locals, but by people from all over the country, attracted by the uniqueness of such events.

The MedievArt Fest Medieval Art Festival Tîrgu Neamț – The Neamț Citadel Days

They are held from July 3 to 5 and are characterized by the unique medieval atmosphere. Thus, dozens of knights, princesses, folk artists and troubadours are focused on their main goal: to offer the locals, but also the tourists from all over the country or even abroad, animation shows, demonstrations of fighting and crafts, concerts, theater plays and other rituals specific to the medieval period.

The Magic Kettle Festival

It is a festival organized by the Association for the Promotion and Tourism Development Ozana Valley of Neamț in partnership with the City Hall of Tg. Neamț during the Medieval Art Festival MedievArt Fest and The Days of Tg. Neamț.

The event consists of promoting Romanian cuisine, with dishes ranging from balmoş, cabbage rolls, „sloi de oaie” (a local special recipe with mutton), stew, mutton roasted on a spit, boletus pies, „chisăliță” (a recipe based on fruit ) and other sweet delights. The highlight of the festival will be the food cooked in the kettle and the various traditional dishes. The event will include the culinary competition “The Magic Kettle” at the end of which diplomas and prizes will be awarded.

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The Days of Tîrgu Neamț

Every year, between 6 and 8 of September, the city of Tîrgu Neamț is in a festive mood. In order to properly celebrate the city and its inhabitants, the officials organize the most innovative performances every year, such as concerts with popular performers in the country (both folk music of other genres as well), sports competitions for all ages, painting or crafts exhibitions and book releases.